Trend Orthodontic Soother 6-18 M

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  • The air enters and exits the pacifier thanks to the Wee pneumatic system in pacifiers with a beveled nipple and shiny body, so that the soft pacifier can be protected.
  • The soft pacifier nipple supports the natural development of the baby’s teeth and throat, even if the baby moves it down and up.
  • It does not hurt the structure of the roof of the throat. Its No. 1 is ideal for newborns 6-18 months old.
  • • The teat pacifier is made of silicone, which is colorless and odorless.

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Many mothers are confused about the ideal pacifier for their babies, as many pacifier models each carry different specifications. We offer mothers a range of different options from Wee Baby pacifiers. One of these models is trendy pacifiers that are flexible and lightweight, and are very comfortable for children. Its special orthodontic silicon nipple design fits in the structure of the baby’s throat cap and protects it from deformation.


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