Toy Miles Electronic Keyboard – 44 Keys

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  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
  • Soft, Safe
  • External Speaker/Microphone/DC/AC power, Single Finger / Fingered Chords
  • Eight Different voices / Eight Kinds of Rhythms
  • Matrix controlling logical circuit
  • Material: Durable plastics
  • Color : N/A
  • Age: 3 year and above


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Piano with Mic 44 Keys Keyboard-One speaker,8 kinds of tamber, 8 kind of rthythm, 4 rocks, sound effect, volume control, make music and play, demo music, mic etc, specification,colours and model may vary.Cell not included. Very Beautiful gift for growing child.with DC/ACpower adapter Large scale integration Matrix controlling logical circuit Eight Different voices / Eight Kinds of Rhythms Single Finger / Fingered Chords Demonstraton songs External Speaker/Microphone/DC/AC power

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 79.00 x 24.00 x 9.00 cm





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