NUK Turtle Shaped Baby Teether, 3 Plus Months

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The Kauversuche release activate the flow of saliva. Practical help for your Zahnenden New Born: Easy Reach ™ teethers by NUK. Our practical teeth aids are not only suitable for the teeth of your little treasure phase, they are also unique a toy: Moulded multi Turtle encourage you through its different materials the shape of your baby’s sense of touch and can be thanks to easier when you use a unit open small children grip and hold. The NUK cool all-around teether is not be boiled. We recommend the teething with warm water and mild detergent to clean thoroughly and then dry.

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Teething Ring: Intense Cooling and massage for teething babies our NUK cool all-around teether has 4 ice packs that are filled with water Sterilem. The practical teether can be cooled in a refrigerator safely and are in accordance. The cooling of the gums This beigetragen, the teeth process can relieve. But please note that easy reach ™ teethers are not included into the freezer compartment they’re too cold, you can Erfrierungen on lip and of mucous membranes. Various surfaces also provide variety and a gentle massage during chew. Also calming down of your baby’s mouth.






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