WOW Rock ‘n’ Ride Ralph

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229.00 EGP

Highquality Material
Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
Soft, Safe
Quad bike with removable playing figure and elephant
Rocking action
Moving wheels for easy push-along play
Color : Multi Color
This toy for boys and girls is suitable for ages 1.5 – 5

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Hi guys, my name’s Rock ‘n’ Ride Ralph and I just love playing in all the mud on the safari park! I never get stuck and can always drive out with my safari driver Sam and baby elephant friend Elvis. They always join me on safari and we love to see all the other animals in their natural habitat. My sturdy construction wheels can make their way over any tough terrain, and my bouncy suspension lets me rock from side to side to create dare-devil turns as I explore my way around the safari park.


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Dimensions 24.00 × 14.00 × 10.00 cm





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