Tumbling Cake Family Game!


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Tabletop game made for 2-4 players.
36 Balls in 4 different color
1 Base
2 Stickers
4 Hoops
1 Mouse catoon piece
2 Rods
1 Spinner
1 Instruction
Perfect for game night with family and friends
Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
Color : N/A
Age: 4+


Out of stock

The one who lost his balance and filled up the cake, and the winner is the player who has the most balls.
The players take turns spinning the arrow on the roulette wheel and, using a stick, push the ball of the corresponding color into the tower (the base of the pie). The ball of the desired color can be pushed from any level of the pie, if any color runs out, the player re-draws the arrow on the roulette wheel.


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