Toy Storm Zoone Gun Battle Series

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Give your child an atmosphere of fun
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Helps develop children’s intelligence
Age : 6+


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It is a toy gun with 8 darts foam bullets for kids high fire toy gun with a range of fire circa It is a soft hand type bullet toy gun with a great shooting range of darts Kids will love shooting soft foam bullets and hitting imaginary targets These bullets are absolutely not harmful and completely safe for your kids Package Items : 1 toy blaster pistol with 8 foam bullets. This pistol is easy to operate for children as well as for adults, load soft bullets into the muzzle in the front, then pull the lever from the back, then push the trigger and fire the magazine can load foam bullets simultaneously to make the action look more realistic It is a high-powered toy gun. Pulling the trigger to shoot and fast reloading makes this pistol great for head-to-head play or fast loading the bullet and shooting at the same time Make it a very interesting and fascinating shooting game — It has long and wide shooting range with great fun Enhance your skill by shooting the target with perfect aim, so turn it on and try to make your victory.

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