Toy Storm Zoone Gub Battle Series


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Your Relatives And Friends
Give your child an atmosphere of fun
Fun to spend the best of times and the best of times
Helps develop children’s intelligence
Age : 6+


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Pistol with soft bullets Z one thousand one hundred and twenty-two A – a gift that every boy dreams of. You can play with the Storm-Zone gun in the yard and at home, because it shoots soft cartridges with a plastic tip, which makes the game safe and parents can safely leave the child alone with the toy. The blaster is presented in 2 colors: – lime-blue with orange inserts; – white and blue with orange inserts. Before starting shooting, you need to charge two drums with soft cartridges and pull the shutter, after which aim and shoot. When the cartridges in the first drum run out, there is no need to waste time on reloading. You need to pull the lever under the trigger and quickly change the upper drum to the lower one and the blaster is ready for battle again! Complete set Z 1122 A: – blaster; – 12 m’ what cartridges with a plastic tip

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