Toy MZ Remote Control City Truck Concrete Mixer


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Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
Children toys
Scale 1:18
There is a demo mode.All functions are controlled from the control panel.
Lasts For 30 minutes without rechargingCharge
This toy will fixes the coordination of visual and motor skills.
Helps to develop children’s intelligence
Enhances the children’s logical thinking ability
Color : N/A
Age : 6+


1 in stock

The concrete mixer is a radio-controlled car model, made in the scale of 1:18 of the originalAccurately repeats all the smallest details of both the exterior and the interior of the original Very realistic, Rubber tires, LED headlights, Bright glossy coating and high precision of the model are complemented by luminous headlights when moving forward and brake lights when moving backwards.The machine has good speed, maneuverability and it goes well not only at home, but also on the street under the open sky. Full-featured motion control like a real car: moving forward, moving backwards and turning right and left.The control panel will not cause difficulties for the child.
The model is equipped with everything you need: a remote control, battery and charger. Made with a high degree of detail.Equipped with rubber tires and LED headlights.The mixer rotates.Signal lights glow.The discharge funnel can be rotated manually.


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