Toy Magnetic Force Football Game

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1 in stock

Slide, shoot, and score with this Portable Kids Tabletop Magnetic Football Soccer Game Set !
This Portable Game set is a Game of soccer with a Magnetic twist. Use the Magnetic Paddles to control your player and Score for victory. The first to Reach Seven Goals Wins.
The Set comes with 2 Balls in case you loose one as well as a Slot for Keeping your Spare ball.
The Game board has a Built in Score Counter, so Keeping Score will be Easy.
Use your imagination and play as your Favorite player and Bring the Victory Home.
The Set comes with a set of Stickers for you to decorate your board and Players. Looking for a great way to spend your free time with your kids or just with your friends. Then Grab this Set Now and Gain access to hours of Family Fun


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