Toy Bouncing Pong


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Your relatives and friends
Give your child an atmosphere of fun
Fun to spend the best of times and the best of times
Helps develop children’s intelligence
Age : 3+


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The game is to get rid of your chickens as quickly as possible, but unfortunately the task is not as simple as it seems!. What is the game about? Place the house in the center of the table. Tap the roof before you play. ; Chickens randomly or in colors so that each player has the same amount of cock. ; Each player successively rolls a special die on which no color is found. The colors correspond to the colors of the chickens. After drawing the color, the player must place the appropriate chicken on the roof of the house. Then the next participant makes the move. Each of them, however, must be in a hurry – the hen can explode at any time and the player with the peg will have to save the hens. Three of them go to his swimming pool. ; The winner is the one who puts his chickens on the roof the fastest. Thoughts and dexterity count in the game. It is a game full of emotions that all children love with the plot.


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