Residual One Is Defeated Happy Kids Push & Pop Fidget Toy


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  • Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
  • Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
  • The sensory toy can help restore the mood, home essentials, parent-child games, autism, games that the elderly, children, and adults can play.
  • Just press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again! Endlessly reusable and washable, too.
  • The sensory toy not only can be used as a stress-relieving toy, but also as a learning tool for children to exercise children’s mathematical thinking ability, mental arithmetic, and logical thinking ability. It can also be used as a
  • roller coaster, frisbee, and cup tray,it can be used as a great gift for children and friends.
  • layers take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last mouse loses. Push and “pop” it’s a great fidget tool for hair pullers, skin pickers and other sensory seekers.
  • Suitable To Be A Wonderful Gift For Your Children Or Children And Your Relatives And Friends
  • Color : N/A
  • Age : 5+

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Out of stock

This fidget toy can also be used as a game board to help improve logic! The rules are simple: Players take turns pushing down any number of bubbles in one row they select. The next player does the same until the player who presses down the last bubble loses. Play a best of series, flip the board and keep the fun going!


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