Puzzle Game Plumber Build A Pipeline


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Tabletop game made for 1–2 players.
1 Wall With 2 Pods
26 Pipes ( 13 red and 13 bule )
2 Plumbers
1 Sticker sheet
Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
Color : N/A
Age: 4+


1 in stock

Place your plumbers on the wall of the building, and the pipeline elements of a certain color under it, then the youngest player starts the first game. It aligns its element with its pipe color. The game should be played in such a way as to build your pipeline as quickly as possible and disturb your competitor at the same time. Obstruction consists in blocking the construction of the pipeline with its color, and even pushing the color of the opponent’s pipeline out of the wall. If you run out of pieces during the game, wait for the opponent’s move to push your pipeline out of the wall. The plumber who completes his pipeline first wins the game.


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