Mia2 Abrams RC Tank Infrared Shooting


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Highly detailed body with attachments.
IR gun for tank combat
Sound effects: engine roar, cannon firing, machine gun firing.
To simulate realistic actions, it is possible to control the movement and the tower at the same time.
Speed ​​~ 12-15 km / h, independent suspension of rollers.
The turret of the tank rotates 300 °, the gun goes down and up.
6V 700mAh battery (charger included).
Giv your child an atmosphere of fun
Fun to spend the most beautiful times and the best times
Suitable as a great gift for your children or children, relatives and friends
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Age : 6+


1 in stock

The well-known company MZ, which specializes in the release of licensed copies and transformers, has released a new military theme! A fully functional battle tank model.
The model reproduces the sound of a running engine and shots! You now have the opportunity to please children by giving them tanks, with which you can arrange exciting tank battles! The tank is equipped with an IP cannon, which means the tank can be used for tank combat if there is a second such tank. The turret of the tank rotates to the right and left, as well as up and down. Also, tanks imitate the sound of a cannon shot and even have a small recoil.


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