Kutch Wheels Toy S8837 Traversing The Stunt

Kutch Wheels

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Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
Brand Name: Kutch Wheels
Type: Car Racetracks
A special mechanism launches a race car on the track.
Getting into the water the car changes color.
The track will become the young racer’s favorite toy and will delight him with a wide range of gaming features.
This toy will fixes the coordination of visual and motor skills.
Helps to develop children’s intelligence
Enhances the children’s logical thinking ability
Color : N/A
Age : 4+


1 in stock

Build your own auto track and arrange real races! A feature of the track is the ability to use water during the game.The auto track consists of a track with a reservoir for warm water and a pool of ice water, as well as obstacles for cars in the form of a huge shark.


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Kutch Wheels