Hola 3107 Doctor Suitcase Toy

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Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
Press the button to play music accompanied by light effects.
This helps to simulate your child’s interest and encourages role play.
The ideal travel companion for toddles. Place the medical instruments in the storage compartment to encourage your child to keep thing tidy.
Storage case with extendable handle. Recommended for children ages 2 and up.
Remove the machine to trigger realistic sound and light effects
Storage Rail: keeps the work surface neat and tidy.
Colorful Pills: Pull the pills out of the suitcase to play sound effects and voice prompts.
Voice Prompts: Lift the cartoon flap to play voice prompts to teach your child how to be a doctor.
Star Button: Press the star button to play music.
Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
Age : 24 M+

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This doctor’s kit will help them to learn about how to being a doctor, including how to use medical instruments. It is designed to boost cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. Includes a wide range of medical instruments, including a thermometer, stethoscope, electrocardiogram machine, syringe, otoscope, dropper, pill bottle, and more. Medical instruments are designed to interact with various buttons.


Weight 1.510 kg
Dimensions 28.00 x 35.00 x 15.00 cm


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