Glamor Girl Glamor Girl Nail Care Set

Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
Easy to use
It provides endless hours of fun and entertainment
It is good to improve imagination and creativity
Perfect for developing kid’s imagination and manual dexterity
It helps improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination
Perfect for developing kid’s imagination and manual dexterity
Age : 5 Years and above


1 in stock


1 in stock

This set brings some of the best nail art products for kids with the clear intention of offering them easy ways to have fun and learn at the same time, no matter where they are.
Little girls can engage their imagination and find ideas for inspiration, art and better their perceptions.
Creative nail art products also aid in evolving child’s thinking process and are safe enough to be used by any kid over age for manicure and pedicure fun right at home.
Pursuing creative activities with children is a healthy way to help them grow and learn, engage a child’s imagination and inspire his thoughts and perceptions
Creative activities present opportunities to problem-solve, challenging a child’s thinking.

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Glamor Girl