Girl’s Creator Wrist Twists Bracelet Maker Toys

Mei Bo Kai

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Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
Improves kid’s fine motor skills
Enhances kid’s social skills
Develops kid’s thinking skills
Helps your kids learn more about shapes and colors
Age : 6 Years and above


1 in stock

Creative twisted FABRILY COLORFUL WRIST TWISTS for making bracelets, hair ornaments, etc. Our proposal is addressed to older school children over 6 years of age. It is creative fun full of ingenuity, creativity stimulates the imagination thanks to which it can create amazing projects. With the help of such a set, you can create hand-made bracelets, necklaces in your favorite color. Such handicrafts are a nice gift idea for a friend or mother or grandmother.

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