Girl’s Creator Bracelet Machine Toys

Mei Bo Kai

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Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
Plastic stand with clipped “mushrooms”,
12 strands of different colors,
7 rubber bands,
Plastic stickers and colorful stickers,
Picture instruction.
Age : 6 Years and above


1 in stock

Easy to create in 3 steps: cut it, string it and tie it, you will create your personal style bracelets with the friendship bracelet making kit. Unique secret storage design to keep all your threads safe, organized and best of all, tangle free. Easy to learn and knit. We provide a fixed elastic rope bracelet loom, let the children follow the 8-page instructions, step by step, children can create their own handmade bracelet. Different styles every day. It is an activity that allows your children to develop their brains and improve their practical skills. Girls can use their imagination and create their own styles. Spending time weaving bracelet helps boys stay away from iPads, phones and TVs. It is good for the eyes. 1 braided loom with movable pegs. 12 strands of bracelet. 12 coil button closures. 12 fashion labels. 12 expandable braiding rings. 1 Instructional Design Guide

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