Enlightening Little Beetle Educational Music Toy for kids


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Improve kid’s motor skills, creativity, logical thinking ability and eye-hand coordination
This beetle toy is perfect for your baby to learn new numbers and colors
This toy stimulates the development of the baby
Bright colors to attract your baby
Can keep the baby busy and entertained in an exciting way for a long time
It is made of safe and non-toxic material, tested according to international standards
This product contains electronic components, shall not touch water or placed or use in a humid environment, wipe the stain on the surface with a dry cloth
The Non-Rechargeable batteries cannot be charged
It is recommended to play with the toy with family supervision
Color : N/A
Age: 19 to 36 months


1 in stock

Toys in an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society. Playing with toys is important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us


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