DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Doll & Invisible Jet


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Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
Soft, Safe
Take on missions with the DC Super Hero Girls action dolls inspired by the students of Super Hero High
Wonder Woman doll comes with her translucent Invisible Jet that has surprise features it rolls on wheels, it expands to make room for two and it shoots a projectile
Wonder Woman action doll wears an exclusive flying outfit designed in her signature red and blue and accessorized with details like her wrist cuffs, belt and Wonder Woman chest emblem, plus iconic accessories that include her red boots and tiara
Press the button toward the back of the jet, then extend its body with a pull to reveal room for two each seat even has a seat belt
Color : N/A
Age : 6+


1 in stock

Wonder Woman Action Doll comes with a Translucent Invisible Jet that Rolls on Wheels & Fits Fashion size DOLLS (1 Doll Included). Press to Shoot JET Projectile! ​Wonder Woman Action Doll wears a Molded Flying Outfit in her signature Red and Blue colors, that is accessorized by her Wrist Cuffs, Belt and Wonder Woman Chest Emblem, and Iconic Red Boots and Tiara! (Wonder Woman’s Molded Outfit (Clothes) are NOT Removable). Press the Button toward the Back of the JET to Extend to make room for TWO Dolls (1 Doll Included)! Each SEAT has a SEAT BELT for Safe Travel! ​Push the Button toward the Front of the Jet to LAUNCH the Iconic Golden Winged Wonder Woman Emblem Projectile from the Hood!


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