Crayola Doodle Dog Chien Creatif


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Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia free
Brand: Crayola
1 creative dog
5 stamps
6 stencils
2 rosette discs and a wheel to make spiral patterns
2 plates with raised patterns
1 felt pen
6 half colored pencils
2 mini felt-tip pens
Color : N/A
Age: 3 +


1 in stock

Dog-shaped activity kit. Each part of his body is a creation accessory. The different parts fit and dislodge like a puzzle. Activities: stencils, stamps, stamps, rosettes, customization. Contains: The creative dog with 5 stamps, 6 stencils, 2 rosette discs and a wheel for making spiral patterns, 2 raised pattern plates, 1 Crayola felt pen, 6 half-colored pencils, and 2 mini felt-tip pens draw.

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