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5003 self-locking bricks
ABS plastic
Contains detailed assembly instructions
Give your child an atmosphere of fun
Fun to spend the best of times and the best of times
Helps develop children’s intelligence
Age: 16+
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1 in stock

The set is made up of the popular MOC collection that is not officially produced!
Now you have a chance to build it while not all other fans can do it.
The set is gigantic and is designed for children between 6 and 60 years old
We all love the Creator series, and the Modular font in particular. One of the things I felt was lacking in the choice of buildings was the culture.
This building also offers a more ‘modern’ aesthetic design. It’s on a very large base board (48 x 48), but the sidewalk and building facades are in line with the other modules in the formal line.
Hanging lobby in front, first floor has dinosaurs, bones and claws, hanging garden, and gift shop.
The second floor contains several displays, including weapons, armor, gems, a terrarium, an exhibit of early man, and several skeletal exhibits.

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