Board Game Rapid Hat Toy


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  • Give Your Child An Atmosphere of Fun
  • Fun To Spend The Most Beautiful And Sweetest Times
  • Enhances the children’s logical thinking ability
  • Suitable To Be A Wonderful Gift For Your Children Or Children And Your Relatives And Friends
  • 24 cards with pictures, 15 hats, 1 bell, instructions.
  • Players : 2-3
  • Color : N/A
  • Age: 4+

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1 in stock

At his disposal are: a large black hat, a thimble, a top hat, a coin and an indispensable assistant – a white rabbit. From all this, a pyramid is to be built, but not a simple one, but a magic one. The task for the round is the same for everyone and is shown on the card. Items that are not on the map do not participate in the construction, colored items must be visible, gray items must be hidden, and those surrounded by asterisks must be filled. Whoever copes with the task first, without mixing anything up and fulfilling all the conditions, is declared the winner of the round in the Top That! Board game! and receives a card as a reward. Cribbley-crabs-booms!


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