Billard Game Folding Legs

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The object of the game is to strike the balls into one of the six openings. Numerous variations of the rules of billiards exist but in all versions the player must strike the ball with the cue so that a second ball goes into one of the six openings. More skilful and more professional. New and hot billiard. Exclusive modern pool table. Contents: Cue 2pcs. Ball 16 pcs. Rubber Triangle 1 pcs. Cube powder 1 pcs. Brush 1 pcs.

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A Wide Variety of games of skill generally played with a cue stick which is used to strike billiards balls, moving them around a cloth covered billiards table bounded by cushions. Billiards, commonly known as pool, is an indoor recreational and sporting game played by two or more people upon a table with six openings.

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