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CollectA’s lifelike Walrus is instantly recognizable, with its mustache, long tusks and huge flippers. The tusks are actually teeth and both male and female walruses have them. The tusks come in handy for breaking breathing holes in the ice and walruses also use their tusks to haul themselves out of the water. A full-grown male walrus may be 11 feet in length and females are only slightly smaller. Walruses weigh between 2,700 – 3,700 pounds and live up to 40 years. The 4.7”L x 2.4”H Walrus is one of the beautifully sculpted figures in CollectA’s Sea Life Collection. Create a natural world in miniature with high quality toy animal replicas from CollectA. CollectA is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the finest scaled replica collections. When they play with these replicas, children learn more about the animals and their environment, while having fun at the same time. Role play encourages the development of your child’s imagination and creativity. All CollectA models are crafted to the highest standards and made with high quality, safe, phthalate-free, lead-free materials.

High quality molded figurineNon-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Baby, ammonia freeWalruses use tusks to haul their enormous bodies out of frigid waters, thus their “tooth-walking” label, and to break breathing holes into ice from below.CollectA has enlisted the help of experts from around the world to ensure that every model is factually accurate and true to life, so little ones get to learn while they play.All CollectA products are individually hand crafted with only the finest materials and rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.CollectA’s mission is to build “a natural world in miniature”. Using role play, children gain a deeper knowledge of the animals. Excellent for educational purposes, endangered species awareness and environmental consciousness.Walrus measures 4.53 in L x 3.94 in W x 2.17 in HColor : N/AAge: 3 year and above

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