About Us

Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal,
cause, discovery, or activity or love to a feeling of unusual excitement.

We TOY&JOY are the most specialized organization for kids in Cairo. We started with the our first toy store in 1994, then we grew to have much more stores, and also we launched the first specialized party organization office in 1998 named TOY&JOY Party Planners

TOY & JOY also was the first toy store in Egypt in a lot of things like

  • Issuing its own monthly magazine for kids which was distributed for free
  • Collecting the biggest kid’s database which helps us to inform our clients with all new information’s which could be interesting for them
  • Issuing membership cards with the data of the clients which makes the relationship easier while shopping
  • Working with a good loyalty program by giving out our nice designed coupons instead of a discount to let the client really feel the discount
  • Having a special section in our stores to sell products with a discount ranging from 25% up to 50% due to some problems in the outer packaging
  • Making many contests for the kids to let them win valuable prizes
  • Making special deals with the schools and kindergartens to give the maximum benefit to their organization and all their kids
  • Making many Tombola’s to give chances to our frequently coming customers to win valuable prices
  • Starting a professional kids portal where you could use our professional e-commerce system where you could buy all your kids needs online, also where you could search in our directory for any place related with your kids and family, also where you could sell all your used big valuable toys